about us
Valley Orchids has been operating for over 40 years. It has a great reputation world wide, as a world leader in the development & supply of quality Cymbidium Orchids for production (pot plants & cut flowers) & for the professional grower & the enthusiastic hobbyist.

The nursery is continually producing new & improved varieties, from an extensive hybridizing program. Selected, superior varieties are cloned & made available continually. Plants are available ranging in size from very small (in flasks), which may take 3 years or more to flower, through medium size plants, to flowering size.

The nursery currently has over 40,000 flowering size plants in stock (over 200 varieties), over 200,000 small to medium size plants (over 300 varieties) (to flower 1 to 3 years), & a large stud collection (1000+ plants), which are used for breeding & providing propagating material for our laboratory.

Our laboratory contains over 250 varieties of clones & many seedling varieties. We produce large numbers of plants for our own use, but also supply many growers, locally, interstate & overseas, with flasks of high quality plants. We supply flasks to order, with delivery usually 3 to 6 months from receipt of order. Large orders for particular varieties may take longer, depending on tissue quantities on hand, & other existing orders.

Valley Orchids for the past 4 seasons has been operated by Linda & Graham Morris & son Barrie. Previously it was operated by Bob & Maureen Nicolle, who have now retired. Prior to change of ownership, the nursery was not being promoted extensively, as it was in early days. Stock volumes were being reduced. Since the new management has been in charge, stock levels have increased greatly. Many new varieties have been produced, & are now in production. Promotion of the business during the buildup has been low key, but will be increased soon, as new stock becomes big enough to sell.

Our Company policy is to be most open & helpful to any potential grower, big or small. We are very actively involved in the Orchid Club scene, & promote club activities & promotions. We are very active in new member recruitment drives, so if you are new to the orchid scene please enquire.