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99003President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Via Del Playa 'Yvonne'
Expect top quality productive medium pinks during mid season. President Gorbachev is producing high percentages of very good quality progeny, when mated with many different types of orchids.
99004Via Del Playa 'Yvonne' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
Reverse of VS9903. Expect similar results
99005President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x (Solana Beach x Regal Tambeau) 'Linda'
The proven & outstanding Pres. Gorbachev is here combined with a lovely free flowering & strong growing lollypop pink, with long gently arching spikes producing up to 20 flower per spike. Expect July/August medium pinks of high quality.
99007President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight (4N)'
Expect some of the best pinks available. Mid to strong pink expectancy, with strong upright spikes of up to 20 shapely long lasting blooms. Should flower July to September.
99008Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight (4N)' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
Reverse of VS9907. Expect similar results
99010Valley Winter 'Lightning' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
This a repeat of a mating which has produced some of the best strong pink, early season flowers available. Valley Winter is a strong pink intermediate, with very good shape, & is super productive & very easy to grow. Will prove to be an important parent when better known.
99013President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x (Valley Royale x Cloris Jean) 'The Ball'
(Valley Royale x Cloris Jean) is an off white of very very full form & very heavy texture. Expect top quality medium pinks & some whites with very full shape.
99014(Valley Royale x Cloris Jean) 'The Ball' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
Reverse of VS9913. Expect similar results.
99016President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Valley Regent 'Reggae'
The Valley Regents are producing outstanding deep reds & strong pinks. They are super productive, & are quick growing. Expect strong pinks & reds of very good shape, upright spiking, with up to 20 flowers per spike & lots of spikes on first flowering.
99017President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Valley Olympic 'Pink Perfection'
Pink Perfection is the best of this crossing (by a long way). It is a very strong pink, on a bolt upright spike. Flowers not large, but perfectly arranged without manipulation. It is super productive. Expect super quality, very productive mid to strong pinks, on upright spikes. Should flower from June to September
99020Pure Treasure 'Pirate' x Mini Gold 'Brilliant'
Two vivid gold pure colours, which should produce the brightest pure colours yet seen. Pure Treasure is quick growing, multiple spiking with bolt upright spikes which do not require manipulation. Mini Gold Brilliant is an intermediate, with upright spikes, & very free flowering. Should produce intermediates & small standards & will be bold & vividly bright pure colour golds, free flowering on upright spikes.
99022Pure Treasure 'Pirate' x Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight (4N)'
Pure Treasure is a vivid pure colour gold, free flowering on upright spikes. Bronze Delight carries the pure colour factor, & has massive big upright spikes & good production. Expect 50% pure colours, probably mainly bright golden yellows, but with some whites. Normal coloured progeny should be medium pinks, strong growing & free flowering.
99024Red Beauty Bronze Delight (4N) x (Valley Shimmer x Sleeping Dream) No.3
No.3 is another bold pure colour gold, has bolt upright spikes & is super productive. It has 12 to 15 flowers per spike & has good shape. Expect 50% pure colours setting new standards, & the remainder should be medium pinks, very productive & upright spiking.
99027Valley Legend Gee Wizz x (Pure Snow x Mem Merv Dunn) Prolific
Gee Wizz is one of the best greens available anywhere. It is upright spiking, has fantastic shape & is super productive. It may carry the pure colour factor (this mating will test it). Prolific could be the best pure colour yet seen. It is a white pure colour (slight green overlay when fresh, but fading quickly to vivid white). It first flowered on a micro small plant with 9 large full shaped flowers on a gently arching spike. If Gee Wizz carries the pure colour factor, expect 50% pure colour whites or pure colour greens. If it doesn’t expect clear greens & whites on upright spikes, very productive & with very full shape.
99039Red Beauty Bronze Delight (4N) x Mem Merv Dunn Gold Treasure
Gold Treasure opens as a pure colour greenish gold, but quickly colours up to a vivid gold pure colour. It is very free flowering & upright spiking. With Bronze Delight (which carries the pure colour factor), there should be 50% pure colours produced, bold yellows & greens, with big upright spikes & with very full shape. The normal coloured clones should be mainly pinks, but perhaps a few yellows & greens, with upright spikes & good shape.
99043Pure Treasure Pirate x (Pure Snow x Mem Merv Dunn) Prolific
100% pure colour yellows , creams & whites. Very free flowering. Should have upright spikes & very full shape. Flowering time July to September These should be very special.
99044Pure Treasure Pirate x Mem Merv Dunn Gold Treasure
100% pure colour, golds with the odd green. Upright spikes & free flowering.
99045Mem Merv Dunn Gold Treasure x Pure Treasure Pirate
Reverse of VS9944 – Expect similar results
99047Valley Legend Eternity x Pure Treasure Pirate
Bright, bright, yellows with the chance of a few pure colours. Eternity has produced outstanding bright yellow progeny, from earlier matings, to various other mates.
99049Valley Splash Awesome x (Valley Winter x President Gorbachev) Goody
Awesome is winning champion of the show regularly. It is also producing very outstanding progeny, in a range of colours. Goody is a lovely bright pink July flowering small standard, with upright spike & 15 flowers per spike. It is super productive. Expect quality medium to strong pinks, large intermediate to standard size, with upright spikes. They should be very productive.
99050Valley Splash Awesome x Red Valley No.4
Red Valley No.4 is a bold red, multi spiking, quick growing bold red. Combined with Awesome, it should produce fantastic pinks of all shades, some reds, on upright spikes. The Red Valleys are super productive & the progeny from this mating should be even better.
99051Red Valley No.4 x Valley Splash Awesome
Reverse of 9950 – Expect similar results
99056Valley Splash Awesome x Red Valley Brilliant
Similar to VS9950 but probably not quite as bright
99057Red Valley Brilliant x Valley Splash Awesome
Reverse of 9956 – Expect similar results
99066(Huckleberry Mountain x Coratea) Graham x (Valley Legend x Mini Splash) Orange Crush
Graham is a huge bold yellow, with a magnificent big bold lip. Orange Crush is a bold yellow, with orange overlay. Should produce big bold orange yellows, with big bold lips, upright spiking & very free flowering.
99067Red Valley Brilliant x (Valley Regent x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) Linda
Linda is a super productive strong pink with upright spikes. Combined with Red Valley, we should get bright reds on upright spikes, very productive & very easy to grow. (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) is producing sensational results for super production & absolute ease of preparing plants for the market. Prodgeny from it produce lots of upright spikes requiring no manipulation to look perfect. This crossing combines the very best genes from Red Valley & Valley Regent with the (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame)
99071Pure Sarah Starburst x Pure Treasure Pirate
Starburst is a fantastic intermediate pure colour white, with outstanding round shape, & is super, super productive. It won champion of a show in Sydney this year. With Pure Treasure we should get upright spiking pure colour whites & yellows, with very good shape. Expected flowering time August & September.
99101Jurasic Amber Rex x Valley Vampire Blood
Jurasic Amber is a very unusual colour – brownish yellow/orange. It is very productive & quick growing. Valley Vampire is a most outstanding, even bright red on a tall upright spike. It is also very productive. Expect a lot of unusual colours on fast growing & productive plants. August/September
99104Jurasic Amber Rex x Red Valley Abundant
Similar to VS99101, but probably even more productive.
99106Hazel Tyers Tinsell x President Gorbachev Diplomat
Tinsell is the parent of Valley Splash & many other outstanding cymbids. It is a beautiful white with a pink dusting overlay. President Gorbachev would seem to be an ideal mate to produce pinks & the odd white of very high quality. August/September flowering expected.
99107Hazel Tyers Tinsell x Vivacious Magnificent (Repeat of Valley Splash)
Repeat crossing producing lovely whites, some with pink dusting overlay. (Note – Very original crossing used different Vivacious) Expect august/September flowering.
99108Hazel Tyers Tinsell x (Valley Regent x Valley Splash) Gorgeous
Gorgeous is a very delicate & pretty soft pink, September flowering & very productive. Expect delicate pinks, some with pink dusting overlays.
99116Wallara Gold Nuggett x (Valley Regent x Valley Splash) Gorgeous
Expect bold yellows & some oranges on upright spikes.
00002Tracey Redaway Marie x Valley Legend Gee Wizz
Marie is a bright, early yellow with red striping. Gee Wizz is a fantastic early full shaped green. This should produce early flowering, intense yellows, greens, & an odd orange, on tall upright spikes, with lovely shaded lips.
00005Tracey Redaway Marie x Mini Splash Fantasy
Mini Splash has been very successful in earlier matings, producing very free flowering, bolt upright spiking intense, bright early yellows. This should give super productive intense yellows & orange tones, on self supporting upright spikes.
00007Tracey Redaway x (Mini Splash x Margaret Thatcher “Rocket”)
Mini Splash x Margaret Thatcher, is a productive, very tall spiking yellow in early June. This mating should produce very productive bright yellows & an odd orange, on very tall spikes in early season.
00032Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x (Valley Legend x Margaret Thatcher “Awesome”)
Diplomat is the best of the Margaret Thatchers & produces up to 23 bright yellow flowers on an upright spike, early season. Awesome is a beautiful, productive bright yellow, with a hint of orange & has very round shape. This mating has everything to produce some of the best bright, early yellows for pot plants, cut flowers & showbench
00033Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x (Pure Jungle x Pure Destiny No.1)
Pure Jungle x Pure Destiny is a April/May flowering pure colour green of good shape, & is very productive & reliable. This crossing should give lots of very early yellows & greens, on tall spikes, & a possibility of a few pure colours.
00034Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Tracey Redaway Marie
This should produce the best bright yellows possible, upright spiking & very free flowering, for pot plants, cut flowers & showbench.
00035Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x (Valley Oracle x Rembrant “Vibrant”)
Vibrant is a new bold green & is very quick growing & very productive, in early June. Expect very good quality yellows & greens, on upright spikes from April till June.
00044Tracey Redaway Sungold x Margaret Thatcher Diplomat
This should be similar to VS00034, but should be a little later, & a clearer yellow colour (no red stripings).
00046Tracey Redaway Sungold x (Valley Legend x Margaret Thatcher “Wow”)
Wow is a fantastic new orchid. Super productive, beautiful yellow with orange overtones & a fantastic shape. Expect wonderful bright yellows early season, on long, upright, self supporting spikes.
00047Tracey Redaway Sungold x (Valley Legend x Mini Splash “Gold Medal”)
Expect high production bright, bright golden yellows, with tall upright self supporting spikes for June.
00048Cronulla Linda Morris x (Valley Legend x Margaret Thatcher “Awesome”)
The Cronulla is an extremely long lasting flower, mated with a fantastic new bright yellow, with an orange glow. Expect high quality, long lasting, productive bright yellows for June & July
00052(Pure Jungle x Pure Destiny No.1) x (Valley Legend x Margaret Thatcher “Awesome”)
Expect very early clear greens & yellows on tall spikes.
00054(Pure Jungle x Pure Destiny No.1) x (Golden Serenade x Sleeping Ransom No.1)
Both parents are very early flowering pure colour greens with yellow lips on tall, upright, self supporting spikes. Expect fantastic early pure colour greens, & a few yellows of very high quality
00093Valley Legend Gee Wizz x (Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny No.1)
Gee Wizz is a fantastic Orchid for commercial or showbench purposes. Combined with the early pure colour green, high quality, early greens should result, with the possibility of a few pure colours appearing.
00101Melanie Golden Girl x (Golden Melody x Sleeping Ransom No.1)
Golden girl is a mid season upright sping intermediate yellow, mated with the very tall spiking & productive (Golden Melody x Sleeping Ransom), superb quality upright spiking pure colour yellow & green intermediates should be produced.
00114Valley Oracle Kermit x Margaret Thatcher Diplomat
Valley Oracle has produced some of the best greens yet seen when mated with others. Diplomat should be a wonderful mate for Kermit, to produce top quality greens & yellows, on upright spikes.
00115Valley Oracle Kermit x Mini Splash Gold Streak
Gold Streak is a super productive upright spiking pure colour yellow in June & July. When mated with Kermit, productive, tall spiking greens & yellows should result.
00121Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Valley Oracle Kermit
The reverse of VS00114. Results should be very similar
00123Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Mini Splash Gold Streak
Should produce very productive, upright spiking bright yellows, with the possibility of a few pure colours.
00125Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Pure Treasure
Pure treasure is an intense golden yellow on a tall upright flower spike. Expect tall spiking strong yellows from May to September.
00127Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x (Valley Oracle x Rembrant 210700)
This will be similar to VS00035 but a little later. The Valley Oracle x Rembrants are fantastic new greens.
00128Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x (Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny 170700)
This will be similar to VS00033, but later.
00175President Gorbachev Diplomat x Red Valley Brilliant
Diplomat has already produced fantastic pinks of all shades when mated with various other parents. Brilliant is a fantastic colour & flowers profusely, with upright self supporting spikes, though sometimes with low flower count. This combination should produce some of the best pinks available anywhere, for July & August.
00176President Gorbachev Diplomat x (Red Valley x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame 120800)
Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame prodgeny are as productive as they come. Lots of beautiful strong pinks & reds on beautiful upright spikes. President Gorbachev is a wonderful parent & the Red Valley component will assist in making this mating spectacular. Will produce productive pinks of all shades on upright spikes for July to September.
00178President Gorbachev Diplomat x (Valley Regent x Red Valley 120800)
The Valley Regent x Red Valleys are fantastic, with high production, long spikes & wonderful bright crimson red colour. Combined with the hugely successful President Gorbachev, super quality strong pinks will result for July to September.
00186Zion Valley Utopia x (Pure Snow x Pure Ransom 120800)
Utopia is a beautiful long spiking & productive green with an very pale lip. Combined with the new Pure Snow x Pure Ransom, beautiful soft greens with very soft white lips should result, on long self supporting spikes.
00195Valley Oracle Super Kermit x Kellys Winter Leon
Super Kermit is a mutation which is much better than the standard form of Kermit. It is bigger & more filled in, but sometimes has deformities. Mated with the huge flowering Kellys Winter, spectacular big greens & yellows should result.
00203Rembrant Masterpiece x Kellys Winter Leon
Masterpiece is producing some of the best greens yet seen, in other matings. It is super productive, producing tall upright Spikes, with very full shape, & in strong green shades. Mated with the huge yellow/green Kellys Winter, big upright greens & yellows will result in July & August.
00205Rembrant Masterpiece x Mem Merv Dunn Golden Girl
Masterpiece is already a super parent & great orchid to grow. Golden girl is a new golden yellow flower, by far the best of the yellow Mem Merv Dunns. It produces 2 to 3 spikes per bulb, tall upright spikes & big golden pure colour yellow flowers, which get brighter, as they age. This mating could be something very special, with o possibility of some pure colours in the first generation.
00207Rembrant Masterpiece x (Golden Serenade x Sleeping Ransom 190700)
Masterpiece here mated to another new pure green colour orchid, with a very tall spike. Expect intense green, upright spiking greens, on fast growing & productive plants.
00214Valley Regent Cardinal x (Red Valley x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame)) 310800
Cardinal is by far the best Valley regent for breeding, producing spectacular results in the past. It is a black red, very highly productive, & producing strong pinks & bright reds consistently. The Red Valley x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) is a new cultivar, very beautiful & productive. This mating should give fast growing & productive reds & bright pinks with lots of upright spikes in July & August.
00218Valley Regent Cardinal x (Chilli Pepper x President Gorbachev 190700)
This mating has all the right parents to just be fantastic. Cardinal is already a super parent. Chilli Pepper is the best growing plant that I know, & here combined with President Gorbachev produced very dark pinks with great shape & long, upright spikes, holding lots of flowers. Prodgeny from this mating will be very useful for pot plant purposes, but also for cut flowers & showbench.
00232Margaret Thatcher Memories x Kellys Winter Gold Sovereign
Memories is another great plant. Grows quickly, flowers profusely over a long period (some come very early) & is a lovely bright yellow, with red overlay (depending on light levels). Mated with the huge Gold Sovereign, should produce big, bright yellows for June to August.
00233Margaret Thatcher Memories x Jinjera Desiree
Desiree is a strong, upright spiking green for August & September. This mating should produce high quality greens & bright yellows from June till September.
00234Margaret Thatcher Memories x Green Glass Kimberley
Similar to VS00233.
00236Margaret Thatcher Memories x Strath Wonder Linda
Strath Wonder is a full shaped cream, flowering late August, on an upright spike. We hope to get pale yellows & creams, With full shape on tall, upright spikes.
00240Margaret Thatcher Memories x (Red Valley x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame)140900
Here we expect a riot of colours from bright yellow, through orange & strong pinks & a few reds. Will be highly productive, upright spiking & great for pot plants, cut flowers & showbench.
00246Valley Legend Gee Wizz x Green Glass Kimberley
Two very high quality greens here combined, creating the chance to produce more super quality greens from July till September.
00258Chilli Pepper Hot Stuff x White Valley Becky
Chilli Pepper is a fantastic orchid & should be used in all breeding programs. It is by far the best growing plant we have, It flowers profusely & is just a lovely flower. Combined with Becky, it could produce some absolutely fantastic pink Babies, for all purposes.
00261Sleeping Ransom Blazing Gold x (Valley Regent x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) 140900
Blazing Gold is the most intense gold pure colour orchid available. Previously used very successfully as a parent & here likely to produce intense yellows, oranges & strong pinks, on long upright, self supporting spikes.
00262Rembrant Masterpiece x Green Glass Kimberley
This crossing has all the requirements to produce super quality, strong greens for all purposes.
00264Rembrant Masterpiece x White Valley Becky
Here we have the chance to get fabulous greens to whites, with great shape. Hopefully Rembrant will straighten the spikes of Becky.
00291Valley Vampire Blood x Mem Merv Dunn Golden Girl
Valley Vampire is a uniquely coloured bright red, producing lots of tall spikes with lots of flowers. To date it is not well known, but will be in huge demand soon, because of it’s high production capability & it’s unique colour. Golden Girl is a fantastic bright yellow pure colour. This should produce a riot of colours, from yellow, orange, pink & red, & will be highly productive.
01014Valley Fire Inferno x Valley Royale Lady Sarah
Valley Fire is an amazingly productive bright pink intermediate, with lots of upright spikes of 10 to 15 flowers. The Valley Royale is a soft pink intermediate, super productive, with 12 to 15 flowers per spike. Expect early intermediates, on upright spikes, flowering profusely, even on very small plants.
01018Valley Winter Lightning x Valley Fire Inferno
Expect fantastic bright pink intermediates, fast growing & highly productive, with good shape. Fantastic results came from Valley Winter when mated with President Gorbachev Diplomat. These will be smaller, but will set new standards.
01020Valley Winter Lightning x Tracey Redaway Marie
Expect a riot of colours, probably mainly orange.
01021Rembrandt Masterpiece x (Margaret Thatcher x Valley Legend) Granny Smith
Rembrandt has produced some of the best green production standard orchids available, when mated with Valley Oracle. Granny Smith is a fantastic new clear green, combining the best of the Valley Legend features, with The Margaret Thatcher genes. Expect high production clean greens, with good shape & tall spikes.
01024Rembrandt Masterpiece x Valley Cauldron Golden Dream
Valley Cauldron is Mini Splash x Valley Legend Eternity, a bright productive clean yellow, with high production. Here mated with the fantastically productive green Rembrandt, we should get high quality greens & yellows, on upright self supporting spikes.
01025Rembrandt Masterpiece x Yellow Sun Sand Pebbles
Yellow Sun is a high production yellow intermediate (Towering Inferno x Kakadu). Mated to the green standard Rembrandt, high quality, productive green to yellow intermediates will result.
01028Valley Picture Horizon x Rembrandt Masterpiece
Last year we flowered Valley Picture Emperor x Rembrandt Masterpiece. They were fantastic with fast growing plants producing lots of tall spikes with 12 to 15 polychrome flowers on upright spikes on first flowering. A couple which flowered the previous year produced over 20 flowers per spike next flowering. This mating should be better & more colourful.
01032Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Rembrandt Masterpiece
This mating combines the best available genes for strong greens & yellows, on tall, upright spikes. They will be super productive.
01033Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Pharoahs Gold Valley
Pharoahs Gold is an upright spiking, bright, pure colour yellow intermediate flowering in June. This should produce bright yellow intermediates, on tall upright spikes during June.
01034Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x (Margaret Thatcher x Valley Legend) Granny Smith
Top quality, upright spiking greens & yellows expected.
01035Margaret Thatcher Diplomat x Tracey Redaway Marie
Should produce super quality yellows, with lots of tall upright self supporting spikes.
01040Valley Luck Purity x Rembrandt Masterpiece
This mating should be very special. Both parents are highly rated at our nursery & are both quick growing, highly productive greens, with tall upright spiked. Expect clear green upright spiking greens, some with concolour lips.
01047Valley Winter Lightning x Breakout Flame
Valley Winter lightning x President Gorbachev produced lots of great bright pink intermediates of high quality. Here with Valley Winter mated with Breakout, similar results should result, but with brighter colours & more upright spikes.
01056(Valley Oracle x Rembrandt)220700 x (Margaret Thatcher x Valley Legend) Granny Smith
This mating has everything to produce lots of very high quality greens, for showbench or production.
01061(Valley Shimmer x Sleeping Dream) No.2 x Golden Fortune Eureka
Valley Shimmer x Sleeping Dream is a bright purecolour yellow, flowering in June/July with tall upright spikes of 15 to 19 flowers. Mated with the highly productive & beautiful Golden Fortune (Kakadu x Margaret Thatcher), very bright yellows on tall upright spikes should result. This could be very special.
01094Rembrandt Blush x Rembrandt Masterpiece
The Rembrandts are highly rated commercially for their very high production & clear green colour. Blush sometimes produces column deformities, but the possibility of more high production clear greens, is worth risking some wastage through occasional deformities.
01098Rembrandt Blush x (Golden Sovereign x Zuma Spring)
Golden Melody x Zuma Spring is a beautiful long spiking pure colour green for July. This should produce lots of early clear greens on tall spikes.
01099Rembrandt Blush x Golden Fortune Eureka
The probability here is for highly productive greens & yellows for pot plants, cut flowers or for exhibition.
01112Pink Blossom Pearl x President Gorbachev Diplomat
Pink Blossom flowered for us in quantity during 2002. They were great – lots of flower spikes, long upright spikes, good colour & very full shape. Here mated with the proven quality parent, President Gorbachev great results can be expected.
01117Pink Blossom Pearl x Pansy Blackheart
Here we have the Pink Blossom mated with the bright red pansy, which has the darkest red labellum seen. It looks Black. Pansy flowers in July with big upright spikes.
01122Dolly Featherhill x Valley Exhibit Wonder
Dolly has been used extensively to produce wonderful results. The valley Exhibit is a highly productive bright pink flowering in June/July. Expect perky intermediate pinks in all shades with lots of spikes.
01124Dolly Featherhill x Red Beauty Bronze Delight (4N)
Dolly x Red Beauty has produced lovely intermediate pinks, yellows & creams on upright spikes. Remade with the tetraploid form of Red Beauty, these should be even better.
01129Dolly Featherhill x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) No.2
Here Dolly is mated to (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) which has produced some of the most productive prodgeny available mated to Valley Regent & Red Valley). Expect highly productive intermediate pinks of all shades.
01130Dolly Featherhill x Valley Splash Prolific
Valley Splash Prolific is a beautiful yellow/orange which is as the name implies very prolific. Expect beautiful intermeiate oranges & yellows on upright spikes.
01131Dolly Featherhill x Valley Splash Comet
Comet is a beautiful, splash petalled white which has lots of small spikes. Expect productive intermediate whites with splash petals.
01132Dolly Featherhill x (Solana Beach x Regal Tambeau) Linda
Linda is an exclusive medium pink with lots of upright spikes during July/ August. Expect beautiful intermediate pinks of all shades.
01133Dolly Featherhill x Valley Regent Reggae
Reggae is a fantastic strong red , highly productive, with upright spikes, & already proven as a quality parent. Expect high quality pinks & red intermediates on upright, self supporting spikes.
01134Dolly Featherhill x Dream Valley Gemini
Gemini is a soft pink which has produced lots of good quality prodgeny in the past, mated with numerous other parents. It is usually dominant for properties such as spike habit & production, but recessive for colour. Expect lots of mainly white top quality intermediates.
01135Dolly Featherhill x Ned Kelly Crimson
Ned Kelly is a beautiful strong red, on upright spikes during July/August. Expect high quality pink & red intermediates, upright spiking & highly productive.
01174Valley Splash Aurora x Jurasic Amber Rex
Expect high quality oranges & bright yellows with high production, upright spikes & great lips.
01175Valley Splash Aurora x Red Coral Mystery Orange
More genuine orange flowers expected here.
01177Valley Splash Aurora x (Bold Valley x Valley Picture) Wim
Bold Valley x Valley Picture is a new orange orchid with a beautiful big lip & very tall flower spikes. Expect upright spiking oranges with beautiful lips.
01180Sarah Jean Peach x Valley Splash Comet
Peach is a beautiful unusual colours minature producing masses of flowers. It has a beautiful, unusual coloured lip. With comet, expect masses of unusual, but highly coloured flowers, intermediate sized, with arching to upright spikes.
01181Sarah Jean Peach x Dolly Featherhill
Similar to V01180 but with upright spikes.
01184Sarah Jean Peach x Ned Kelly Crimson
This should produce high colour intermediates, upright spiking & with high production. Colours should range from orange/yellow to orange & reds, with interesting, unusual high colour lips.
01193Ned Kelly Crimson x Valley Splash Awesome
This mating has everything to produce highest quality highly shaped, upright spiking pinks to reds.
01194Ned Kelly Crimson x (South Coast x Hazel Tyers)Wayne
Wayne is a beautiful medium pink with lots of good shaped flowers on upright spikes. It is currently being tested for the Dutch cut flower market. Expect medium to strong pinks on upright spikes, with very good shape.
01195Ned Kelly Crimson x (Valley Winter x President Gorbachev) Pink Perfection
Here Ned Kelly is mated to one of the best new strong pink intermediates available. Expect upright spiking strong pinks & reds, intermediate or small standard in size & very productive.
01196Ned Kelly Crimson x Chilli Pepper Hot Stuff
Chilli Pepper is our best growing & most productive flower. It should be introduced to all breeding programs. Ned Kelly introduces the Valley Regent & Red Valley genes, both which are high quality very productive varieties. Highest quality, productive deep reds should result.
01202Ned Kelly Crimson x (Chilli Pepper x President Gorbachev) Rose
Similar to V01196 but introducing the quality pink parent President Gorbachev into the mating. Expect high quality strong pinks & reds, with tall upright spikes, good shape with high production.
01212(Rotorua x Dream Valley) x Valley Pink Artistic
(Rororua x Dream Valley) is just like a super Rotorua Rose. It is a unique strong pink colour which seems to breed through to it’s prodgeny, & is highly popular. It produces lots of upright, self supporting spikes Expect unique coloured, strong pink flowers, uptight spiking, with high production.
01214(Rotorua x Dream Valley) x Valley Splash Awesome
Expect high quality unique coloured strong pinks with great shape & strong spike habit.
01216(Dream Valley x Rotorua x (Valley Winter x President Gorbachev) Pink Perfection
Expect strong pink intermediates on upright spikes.
01217(Dream Valley x Rotorua) x President Gorbachev Diplomat
Expect high quality, highly coloured pink standards on tall upright spikes.
01221(Dream Valley x Rotorua) x Dolly Featherhill
If the unusual colour of (Dream Valley x Rotorua) comes through, this mating should be something special. Expect upright spiking strong pink intermediates, with high production.
01224(Dream Valley x Rotorua) x Valley Vampire Blood
This mating has everything for colour, colour colour. Both are quite unique & highly desirable colours, but additionally are both highly productive, with upright, well presented spikes.
01225(Dream Valley x Rotorua) x (Valley Splash x Valley Regent) Gorgeous
Gorgeous has a beautiful soft pink colour, & has all the right genes to be a great parent. Expect high quality pinks of all shades, with very high production, upright spikes & great flower presentation.
01234(Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny) x Mem Merv Dunn Supreme
(Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny) is a crystal white, tall spiking pure colour white (white lip, with no yellow). Mem Merv Dunn is a high quality pure colour white on upright spikes. Expect high quality pure colour whites, on upright spikes for cut flower, pot plant or showbench purposes.
01235(Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny) x Mem Merv Dunn No.8
Similar to V01234, but with better shape.
01237(Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny) x (Pure Snow x Pure Ransom) Linda
Both are top quality crystal white pure colours, with tall upright spikes. Expect high quality, spectacular pure colour whites (little or no yellow in lips) for cut flower, pot plant or showbench purposes.
01240(Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny) x Red Beauty Bronze Delight (4N)
A big mix of colours expected here. Red Beauty is a famous upright spiking red, which may carry the pure colour factor. Expect big upright spikes of pinks of all shades with a few pure colour whites possible.
01245Jurasic Amber Rex x Pure Treasure Pirate
Colour, colour, colour. A fantastic bright orange high production clone mated with a fantastic tall spiking bright pure colour yellow. Both plants are highly rated here for production & we look forward to flowering lots of these. Oranges & bright yellows expected.
01248Jurasic Amber 'Rex' x Robocop 'Banksia Park'
Similar to V01245, but perhaps more genuine oranges.
01262Valley Vampire 'Blood' x Red Nelly 'Crimson'
Lots of high quality reds expected here. This mating has everything to produce the best reds possible.
01266Valley Vampire Blood x (Valley Splash x Valley Regent) Gorgeous
Top quality reds & strong pinks expected here.
01267Valley Vampire Blood x Mem Merv Dunn Compact Gold
Brightest of reds, mated to a bright yellow pure colour. Expect riots of colour, highly productive, with tall upright spikes.
01271Sarah Jean Ice Cascade (4N) x (Dream Valley x Rotorua)
This mating should produce the best quality pink intermediates imaginable.
01272Sarah Jean Ice Cascade (4N) x Sleeping Nymph Dazzler
Dazzler is something special. The Sleeping Nymphs are very special, & Dazzler is the best of them all by a long way. Expect tall upright spikes of pale green, pure colour greens & whites (intermediate).
01276Zion Valley Exquisite x Valley Zenith Concord
Top quality greens expected here, many with concolour or pale lips.
01277Zion Valley Exquisite x Sleeping Nymph Dazzler
This could be special. Dazzler is an exceptional orchid & should produce productive, upright spiking clear greens, with concolour lips here.
01279Zion Valley Utopia x Valley Zenith Concord
Similar to V01276.
01283Valley Splash Awesome x Valley Zenith Concord
High quality soft greens & yellows expected here.
01286Mem Merv Dunn 'No.8' x (Pure Ransom x Pure Destiny) 'Crystal'
Crystal white pure colours here. MMD No.8 is the best white Mem Merv Dunns, very shapely & highly productive.