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99003President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Via Del Playa 'Yvonne'
Expect top quality productive medium pinks during mid season. President Gorbachev is producing high percentages of very good quality progeny, when mated with many different types of orchids.
99004Via Del Playa 'Yvonne' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
Reverse of VS9903. Expect similar results
99005President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x (Solana Beach x Regal Tambeau) 'Linda'
The proven & outstanding Pres. Gorbachev is here combined with a lovely free flowering & strong growing lollypop pink, with long gently arching spikes producing up to 20 flower per spike. Expect July/August medium pinks of high quality.
99007President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight (4N)'
Expect some of the best pinks available. Mid to strong pink expectancy, with strong upright spikes of up to 20 shapely long lasting blooms. Should flower July to September.
99008Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight (4N)' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
Reverse of VS9907. Expect similar results
99010Valley Winter 'Lightning' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
This a repeat of a mating which has produced some of the best strong pink, early season flowers available. Valley Winter is a strong pink intermediate, with very good shape, & is super productive & very easy to grow. Will prove to be an important parent when better known.
99013President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x (Valley Royale x Cloris Jean) 'The Ball'
(Valley Royale x Cloris Jean) is an off white of very very full form & very heavy texture. Expect top quality medium pinks & some whites with very full shape.
99014(Valley Royale x Cloris Jean) 'The Ball' x President Gorbachev 'Diplomat'
Reverse of VS9913. Expect similar results.
99016President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Valley Regent 'Reggae'
The Valley Regents are producing outstanding deep reds & strong pinks. They are super productive, & are quick growing. Expect strong pinks & reds of very good shape, upright spiking, with up to 20 flowers per spike & lots of spikes on first flowering.
99017President Gorbachev 'Diplomat' x Valley Olympic 'Pink Perfection'
Pink Perfection is the best of this crossing (by a long way). It is a very strong pink, on a bolt upright spike. Flowers not large, but perfectly arranged without manipulation. It is super productive. Expect super quality, very productive mid to strong pinks, on upright spikes. Should flower from June to September
99020Pure Treasure 'Pirate' x Mini Gold 'Brilliant'
Two vivid gold pure colours, which should produce the brightest pure colours yet seen. Pure Treasure is quick growing, multiple spiking with bolt upright spikes which do not require manipulation. Mini Gold Brilliant is an intermediate, with upright spikes, & very free flowering. Should produce intermediates & small standards & will be bold & vividly bright pure colour golds, free flowering on upright spikes.
99022Pure Treasure 'Pirate' x Red Beauty 'Bronze Delight (4N)'
Pure Treasure is a vivid pure colour gold, free flowering on upright spikes. Bronze Delight carries the pure colour factor, & has massive big upright spikes & good production. Expect 50% pure colours, probably mainly bright golden yellows, but with some whites. Normal coloured progeny should be medium pinks, strong growing & free flowering.
99024Red Beauty Bronze Delight (4N) x (Valley Shimmer x Sleeping Dream) No.3
No.3 is another bold pure colour gold, has bolt upright spikes & is super productive. It has 12 to 15 flowers per spike & has good shape. Expect 50% pure colours setting new standards, & the remainder should be medium pinks, very productive & upright spiking.
99027Valley Legend Gee Wizz x (Pure Snow x Mem Merv Dunn) Prolific
Gee Wizz is one of the best greens available anywhere. It is upright spiking, has fantastic shape & is super productive. It may carry the pure colour factor (this mating will test it). Prolific could be the best pure colour yet seen. It is a white pure colour (slight green overlay when fresh, but fading quickly to vivid white). It first flowered on a micro small plant with 9 large full shaped flowers on a gently arching spike. If Gee Wizz carries the pure colour factor, expect 50% pure colour whites or pure colour greens. If it doesn’t expect clear greens & whites on upright spikes, very productive & with very full shape.
99039Red Beauty Bronze Delight (4N) x Mem Merv Dunn Gold Treasure
Gold Treasure opens as a pure colour greenish gold, but quickly colours up to a vivid gold pure colour. It is very free flowering & upright spiking. With Bronze Delight (which carries the pure colour factor), there should be 50% pure colours produced, bold yellows & greens, with big upright spikes & with very full shape. The normal coloured clones should be mainly pinks, but perhaps a few yellows & greens, with upright spikes & good shape.
99043Pure Treasure Pirate x (Pure Snow x Mem Merv Dunn) Prolific
100% pure colour yellows , creams & whites. Very free flowering. Should have upright spikes & very full shape. Flowering time July to September These should be very special.
99044Pure Treasure Pirate x Mem Merv Dunn Gold Treasure
100% pure colour, golds with the odd green. Upright spikes & free flowering.
99045Mem Merv Dunn Gold Treasure x Pure Treasure Pirate
Reverse of VS9944 – Expect similar results
99047Valley Legend Eternity x Pure Treasure Pirate
Bright, bright, yellows with the chance of a few pure colours. Eternity has produced outstanding bright yellow progeny, from earlier matings, to various other mates.
99049Valley Splash Awesome x (Valley Winter x President Gorbachev) Goody
Awesome is winning champion of the show regularly. It is also producing very outstanding progeny, in a range of colours. Goody is a lovely bright pink July flowering small standard, with upright spike & 15 flowers per spike. It is super productive. Expect quality medium to strong pinks, large intermediate to standard size, with upright spikes. They should be very productive.
99050Valley Splash Awesome x Red Valley No.4
Red Valley No.4 is a bold red, multi spiking, quick growing bold red. Combined with Awesome, it should produce fantastic pinks of all shades, some reds, on upright spikes. The Red Valleys are super productive & the progeny from this mating should be even better.
99051Red Valley No.4 x Valley Splash Awesome
Reverse of 9950 – Expect similar results
99056Valley Splash Awesome x Red Valley Brilliant
Similar to VS9950 but probably not quite as bright
99057Red Valley Brilliant x Valley Splash Awesome
Reverse of 9956 – Expect similar results
99066(Huckleberry Mountain x Coratea) Graham x (Valley Legend x Mini Splash) Orange Crush
Graham is a huge bold yellow, with a magnificent big bold lip. Orange Crush is a bold yellow, with orange overlay. Should produce big bold orange yellows, with big bold lips, upright spiking & very free flowering.
99067Red Valley Brilliant x (Valley Regent x (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) Linda
Linda is a super productive strong pink with upright spikes. Combined with Red Valley, we should get bright reds on upright spikes, very productive & very easy to grow. (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame) is producing sensational results for super production & absolute ease of preparing plants for the market. Prodgeny from it produce lots of upright spikes requiring no manipulation to look perfect. This crossing combines the very best genes from Red Valley & Valley Regent with the (Pure Dawn x Yowie Flame)
99071Pure Sarah Starburst x Pure Treasure Pirate
Starburst is a fantastic intermediate pure colour white, with outstanding round shape, & is super, super productive. It won champion of a show in Sydney this year. With Pure Treasure we should get upright spiking pure colour whites & yellows, with very good shape. Expected flowering time August & September.
99101Jurasic Amber Rex x Valley Vampire Blood
Jurasic Amber is a very unusual colour – brownish yellow/orange. It is very productive & quick growing. Valley Vampire is a most outstanding, even bright red on a tall upright spike. It is also very productive. Expect a lot of unusual colours on fast growing & productive plants. August/September
99104Jurasic Amber Rex x Red Valley Abundant
Similar to VS99101, but probably even more productive.
99106Hazel Tyers Tinsell x President Gorbachev Diplomat
Tinsell is the parent of Valley Splash & many other outstanding cymbids. It is a beautiful white with a pink dusting overlay. President Gorbachev would seem to be an ideal mate to produce pinks & the odd white of very high quality. August/September flowering expected.
99107Hazel Tyers Tinsell x Vivacious Magnificent (Repeat of Valley Splash)
Repeat crossing producing lovely whites, some with pink dusting overlay. (Note – Very original crossing used different Vivacious) Expect august/September flowering.
99108Hazel Tyers Tinsell x (Valley Regent x Valley Splash) Gorgeous
Gorgeous is a very delicate & pretty soft pink, September flowering & very productive. Expect delicate pinks, some with pink dusting overlays.
99116Wallara Gold Nuggett x (Valley Regent x Valley Splash) Gorgeous
Expect bold yellows & some oranges on upright spikes.